About this Project

While we were organizing VHS tapes, I decided to start digitizing them in earnest so that the information, stories, etc could be saved. Some of these videos were of presentations given at Air Force Village West by individuals like Col. Ben Boyd who have since passed away.

Of course, I had to make the project more complicated and as of the day I am writing this, I know that I will probably need to add more layers of complexity. However, I feel as if we are starting to smooth out the process of digitizing these materials. I would like to thank my volunteers, Frank and Vita, for being patient with me as I change the process in attempts improve it. For instance, I decided to add a step to add a preface image to the start of the video to document the title and original format of the medium.

The first few VHS tapes what my volunteers were about Oral Histories and / or presentations about their experiences, so I called this the Oral History. However, as we continue to work through these tapes, we are coming across important recordings of events that are not truly oral history examples, such as the last performance of the 15th Air Force Golden Band of the Pacific before the group was disbanded.

As for the reason why these records are not included in the normal database is that MP4 files can get quite large.

S. Jenson
16 July 2021

Photograph of a VHS tape and box

15th Air Force Combat Operations Center MAFB